Bee banquets (mixtures)

Create a safe haven for bees in public spaces with these bee banquets. The mixes have been created with the experts of Velt vzw to feed bees with organic pollen and nectar. Select several mixes to expand the flowering season from very early until very late. We indicate suggested mowing season per banquet.

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Candy meadow Bee Banquet - ORG

Bulb Mix suited for: taller grass (mid Spring) Cheerful colour palette, ideal as a successor of 'Queen Appetizers' in order to prolong the flowering from March. At the...

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Milkshakespeare Bee Banquet- ORG

Bulb Mix suited for: under trees (mid Spring) The tall, deliciously fragrant poet's daffodil enjoys company from the elegant white 'Thalia' and the cheerful yellow...

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Starry Sky Bee Banquet - ORG

Bulb Mix suited for: under trees (early Spring) Brighten up your spring in semi shaded corners with these early to mid spring fresh blue and white glories of the snow....

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Streetbar Bee Banquet - ORG

Bulb mix suited for: sunny and stony location (mid Spring) Botanical tulips and blue grape hyacinths bring colour and scent to fifty shades of grey street pavement. Their...

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