When do I plant my bulbs?

  • Tulips, Crocus and other spring flowering bulbs are planted in the autumn. Best between september and november. In milder climates, it is no problem to plant in december. Rule of thumb is rooting needs to take place in approx 4 weeks before the soil becomes frozen solid deep down where the root system is.
  • (Dahlias, Gladioli and other summer flowering bulbs are planted in the spring after last frosts)


How deep and how far apart?

  • Rule of thumb - dig a hole 3 times the height of the bulb, drop the bulb pointed end upwards and top up with remaining soil. Water when dry.
  • Distance between the bulbs is very personal. For formal groupings, place together at a spacing of 1 to 3 times the diameter of the bulbs. For a more natural look, throw the bulbs in the air and plant them where the drop.


Anything else?

  • Not really! You could cover soil with a frost cover if you expect a harsh winter. Again, watering in the spring is okay, however bulbs hate standing in water for too long. Just enjoy spring and let the flowers die off naturally or cut them for your vase.



  • The varieties that naturalise easily are best left in the ground and let them work it out themselves. Best is to dead-head after flowering and leaving foliage wither naturally. They will reward you with renewed vigour next spring! A healthy soil promotes this, so make sure to add some organic manure or mulch.
  • Classic tall Tulips should be dug up after the foliage has wilted. Then store them in a cool and dry place and plant in the autumn in a fresh spot not yet planted with Tulips in the past few years (3-4 yrs). This will keep your soil and the bulbs fresh. If you leave the classical tulips in the ground they will attract a specific fungus that will deteriorate the tulip flowering and contaminate your soil for other tulips to come.