Mayor Van der Laan

City of Amsterdam receives 10.000 organic flower Bulbs as a gift from Natural Bulbs

Amsterdam, January 6th 2016

Recently, the Dutch Animal Rights Party (PvdD) convinced the city council of Amsterdam to select organic only for plants and flower bulbs from now on. The main benefits will be increased biodiversity and sustainability of the flower bulb fields in the Netherlands and in addition, the flowers in the Amsterdam area will attract and nourish our pollinators. Organic Crocus for example are well known for their very early flowering and their capacity to open up to pollinators and providing loads of pollen and nectar.

Amsterdam is leading the way for other city councils across Europe. This decision should serve as a tipping point for a greater demand for organic flower bulbs. 'At present, the organic acreage is just 0.1% and now a substantial shift towards organic growing is on its way, also for flower bulbs and plants' according to Robert Heemskerk, owner of Natural Bulbs.

In the picture we find Johnas van Lammeren (PvdD), Robbert Uittenbogaard, city mayor Eberhard van der Laan en Robert Heemskerk (Natural Bulbs (from left to right).

Van der Laan grew up in the historic flower bulb district and gladly accepted these organic Natural Bulbs 'I am proud of Amsterdam, leading the way and happy to be acknowledged from the field. This gift is a beautiful gesture and by planting more flower bulbs in our city we will be enhancing this colourful city'.

Natural Bulbs is an online shop for European consumers where they can find a growing range of organic flower bulbs for their own garden. Natural Bulbs are grown by a select group of organic growers and sustainable growers aspiring to make the transition towards organic certification. Furthermore 'Natural Bulbs' are available for landscaping.