6 Thingse to know about organic flower bulbs

Bloembollen weetjes

Why choose organic? 

Organic flower bulbs are pure nature and grown in a natural way. In these 6 facts you can read more about organic cultivation. With organic cultivation we help nature, such as the soil, insects and birds, to stay healthy. Read more about organic flower bulbs. Organic flower bulbs are pure nature and grown in a natural way. But you help nature, such as the soil, insects and birds to be healthy. Working with nature instead of against it.Read more about organic cultivation.

Picking and planting bulbs


How do I choose bulbs and when do I plant them?

While choosing flower bulbs, pay attention to: what you like, where you want to plant them and when you want them to bloom. Depending on which types you bought, you either plant them in autumn before the frost or in spring after the frost. You can read everything about these topics in this blog.

Improving soil

Tips for improving the barren spots in your garden

Sometimes your garden has barren spots where nothing seems to grow. In this blog, we will discuss two nature friendly ways to turn these spots into a beautiful green place for plants again. Read the blog here!

Garden cycle

How to use the cycle of nature in my garden maintenance

The garden follows a cycle that repeats every year. In this blog, we will explain the different parts of garden maintenance that use this cycle to create the most colourful garden year round: improving the soil, the flowering period of the bulbs, the effect of sun and shade on the garden, and taking crop rotation into account.

Help the bees

Bollen voor bijen

Insects are truly indispensable

Tips for making your garden more attractive to bees and other insects Every year, the amount of bees and other insects decrease. You can help them a little by making your garden more insect friendly. In this blog we discuss how you can do this and how organic bulbs can help.