Kiwi Jenny Shrub - ORG

Reference: F1009

Actinidia delciosioa Jenny' is an easy and self-pollinating kiwi. It is a fast-growing, winding climber and is best placed against a climbing frame, fence or pergola. The kiwi blooms in May and June with white-pink flowers. At the beginning of September, the first ripe fruits will appear. Keep in mind that it can take three to five years before the plant starts to bear fruit. The kiwi plant is hardy to -12° C! Although young plants need to be covered in winters with severe frost. The kiwi plant needs a warm and sunny position. The more sun, the sweeter the fruits are. A south-facing garden, sheltered from the wind, is perfect. Pruning is best done in December or January. Prune back the new branches. The last grown branches bear fruit the following year. If you do not want the plant to grow too large, it is best to leave 40 centimeters from the newly formed branch.

End of season 2023. Available to order from January 2024.

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