Black Currant Shrub - ORG

Reference: F1011

Ribes Nigrum Ben Nevis' is a black currant. The black currant shrub grows to a height of around 100 to 150 cm, so it is also suitable for smaller fruit gardens. Around mid-May, this shrub blooms with inconspicuous white-pink flowers and that attract pollinating insects. After flowering, black, shiny berries develop in large clusters on the shrub that are ready for picking in June. The shrub needs direct sunlight for optimal yield and sweeter berries. The fruits can be eaten fresh, but processing them into jam or juice is even tastier. The shrub can be pruned between February and Marchm, but is not required. The less you prune, the more chance there will be of berries. If you want to prune, only remove the dead branches. It is easy to maintain and bears fruit on the bush after 1 year. The shrub loses its leaves in winter, but can withstand temperatures down to -34 degrees Celsius without any problems.

End of season 2023. Available to order from January 2024.

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