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Garlic 'Morado': an originally Spanish garlic variety. The bulbs turn wine red due to the underlying purple-red cloves. Thick cloves that are easy to peel. Sharper taste. Not just tasty, but also very decorative due to the curls on the stem. What’s better than crispy fresh organic garlic from your own garden? It’s best to plant garlic in the autumn. Separate the cloves from the tuber and plant them in the vegetable garden. From certified Dutch organic cultivation. 3 tubers per bag (or choose a value bag) UK: Season of spring flowering bulbs has ended. New spring flowering bulbs available to order from April, delivery from September. Summer flowering bulbs ready to order from January. EU: Order now for shipping within 1-3 business days. Happiness guaranteed. Shipping starts at €4.95 depending destination; free on orders over €50.

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