When do I plant my flower bulbs?

  • Crocusses, tulips and other spring flowering bulbs should be planted in the autumn (Sep-Nov). They establish roots during late autumn before winter arrives and they are dormant and hardy during winter time to bring you more than a smile early spring.
  • Dahlias are summer flowers. Plant them late spring, immediately after the last night frosts (April-May) or give them a head start by planting them indoors in March and move them out after the last night frosts.

When do I receive my flower bulbs?

  • Within a shipping season we ship daily and the transit time is approx. 2 working days after receipt of your payment.
  • Spring flowers from September till Mid December.
  • Summer flowers from March until end of end of May​.

Can I specify a delivery date?

  • Yes, you can . Add a comment to your order and we will reply asap. Within the shipping season we make an effort to be flexible and accomodate any feasible request. So when in doubt and playing with the idea to plant later and order later.... don't! Please make your reservation today, since we will help you remember and reserve your specific varieties before they've gone  out of stock  (which is a realistic risk with organic flower bulbs).

What happens to my parcel delivery when I am away?

  • We will make an effort to deliver you. When you are away we will leave a message how to reschedule delivery or where you can pick it up when it suits you.

How many flower bulbs do I plant per m²?

Spring flowering bulbs:

  • Rule of thumb: 20 flower bulbs per m².
  • Smaller bulbs (i.e. Crocus, Scilla): 50 to 200 flower bulbs per m².
  • Larger bulbs (i.e. Tulips, Daffodils etc): 15 to 25 flower bulbs per m² (or interspersed with perennials - 5 flower bulbs per m²).
  • Plant flower bulbs for Naturalising with a bit more space so they get a chance to multiply annually.

Summer flowering tubers:

  • Dahlias: 3 to 5 tubers per m².

Any other questions?

We enjoy reading your specific questions or concerns and strive to reply per return mail. Please mail to smile@naturalbulbs.nl or call our office at +31-235477900.