Blue Grape Vine - ORG

Reference: F1013

Vitis Johanniter' is a blue grape vine that is very suitable for normal gardes. In the period July-August, the grape first produces inconspicuous flowers, after which the blue bunches of grapes will form. They can be harvested from mid-September. The fruits are blue in color: juicy with a sweet taste. You can eat them directly or use them for jam, juice or wine making. It is a climbing plant that can reach several meters in height. But by pruning and guidance, it can reach all sort of shapes and sizes. The vine can be guided well along a pergola or with wires on the wall. Pruning also increases the fruit yield. It is best to prune the period between November and February, but not during severe frost. Prune unnecessary side and main branches. The vine needs a lot of sun to ripen and likes heat, making a south-facing spot ideal. The soil should be well-drained and nutritious and preferably not too acidic, rather calcareous. This grape variety is hardy and can handle temperatures down to -23C without any problems.

End of season 2023. Available to order from January 2024.

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