Cut flower bulbs & suitable perennials

Do you love a flowery bouquet on the table as well?! Did you know that you can easily make those beautiful bouquets from flowers from your own garden? You can transform your garden or balcony into a flower shop. Before you’re ready, you’ll need the right flowers and plants.
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In the springtime you can choose for big tulips and daffodils. These are ideal cut flowers to keep in a vase. During spring you can find them in the garden. These bulbs should be planted the year before, somewhere between September and November.
​You can also choose summer blooming bulbs. Those are planted from March to May. Examples are, gladiolus, lilies, liatris and the beautiful dahlia´s. These flowers go well with plants in the garden. If you prefer more delicate plants, it’s best to alternate the green leaves with colorful flowers. Think of the knotgrass, peony and verbena.

The flowers should be cut with a small pair of trimming shears. In order to have a beautiful garden, never completely cut one plant, but always leave some flowers and leaves. Cut them when the flowers haven’t yet blossomed to see the full life cycle in a vase.
​Dahlias can easily be cut more often. You’ll notice that the plant will grow more flowers after you’ve cut them. After cutting the flowers, make sure to place them in water. This will make them hold their beauty for much longer.

To encourage the plant to make more flowers, trim the dead flowers. If you do this, the energy the plant receives from the soil will be used to make new flowers. This will result not only in your happiness, but also that of the bees, bumble bees and butterflies. These bugs can find nectar and pollen in your own flower shop all year round.