The right conditions of the garden

Bulbs can grow in any type of soil, though it should always be well draining soil. It's also essential to place some compost on the soil every year where the bulbs are planted to stimulate the life of the soil. A healthy soil is airy, which makes it easier for the roots to find water and nutrition. Another benefit of airiness is the draining of excess water, which avoids rotting roots.

After some dry weeks, the potted bulbs in the ground should be watered, but not too much. They really don’t like wet feet. To make sure the soil is not too wet, put your finger in the soil. If it’s very wet, don’t add any water. If it is dry, definitely give it some more. If you accidentally give too much water, a pot with a drainage hole in the bottom will let the excess water run out.

If you want the flowers to grow wild, like they do on their own in nature (like the crocus), don’t do anything to the ground. However, it is important that the soil is balanced, so make sure that the water can be drained easily, and that the soil has healthy life in it.​