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Happy bees

At Natural Bulbs, we prefer to work with nature rather than against it. This is why we avoid pesticides and artificial fertilisers in cultivation.

By embracing organic growing principles, we managed to start a movement. We offer growers an economic perspective in converting to organic.

And the bees benefit from this movement. Now they can get food responsibly and that makes us all happy, of course.


In collaboration with ecological gardening association Velt vzw, we compiled a selection of mixtures of organic flower bulbs.

Velt vzw: "The selection is based on the attractiveness to bees and the naturalising properties of the varieties, so that maintenance is limited"

Velt vzw chooses Natural Bulbs as its long-standing partner for the co-purchase of organic bulbs.

Velt vzw says: "We selected Natural Bulbs based on the following criteria"

  • Wide range of organically grown bulbs, preferably from perennial crops
  • Focus on bulbs that are suitable as food suppliers for bees and other pollinators
  • Ecological packaging of the bulbs
  • Logistical strength and experience

Natural Bulbs

As a leading wholesaler of organic flower bulbs, you can easily order larger quantities from Natural Bulbs. Beautiful mixtures are put together and furthermore you will find the bulbs per variety at the overview of our products, click on the product to find the value packs. Delivery is very fast upon request. You can order directly from this web shop.

If you want to plant more than 100m2, please contact one of our planting advisers first:

Robert Heemskerk
Rob van Reisen
T: +31 (0) 23-5477900


All organic bulbs and plants supplied by Natural Bulbs are certified by Skal


Amsterdam mayor van der Laan receives 10,000 organic flower bulbs

Jan 2016 - Amsterdam Mayor van der Laan receives 10,000 organic flower bulbs from organic floriculture wholesaler Natural Bulbs, JubHolland and PvdD.

From now on, only organic flowers will be placed in Amsterdam's public spaces. This is a big change from the old-fashioned bulb cultivation currently used. Amsterdam is the first municipality to make this switch. Johnas van Lammeren, leader of the PvdD in Amsterdam, is pleased with this development. He says: "This is a big step forward because no agricultural poisons are used in organic cultivation. We hope more municipalities will follow this example. This could lead to a turnaround in ornamental plant cultivation and rapid growth in the demand and supply of organic, toxin-free bulbs. This will also make organic bulbs easier to buy in flower stalls."

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