Planting flower bulbs

When do I plant my bulbs?

There are no exact dates to plant bulbs, but there are 2 seasons of several months each year that are great for planting.

The spring blooming bulbs like crocus, daffodils, tulips etc. are the first flowers to appear in the very early spring. You plant them between September and November (in cold climates until the end of October). Do not plant with heavy rains or when freezing! The bulbs might rot or freeze and that would be a waste. Plant the bulbs somewhere with at least a bit of sunshine.

Likewise the summer blooming tubers and bulbs should be planted in the spring after the frost, around the end of April until the end of May. Keep in mind that these bulbs are sensitive to frost. Especially the gladiolus, lily, and the gorgeous dahlias.

In every case, the rule is: the earlier in the season you plant the bulb, the sooner they will blossom.

How deep and how far apart?

The size of the bulb determines how deep you should plant them. Their size should also be the depth of the hole. First, use a scoop or a garden trowel to make a hole. If there is a certain spot in your garden that’s always wet when it rains, don’t plant your bulbs here! Bulbs don’t like roots that are too wet, they will go moldy.

Distance between the bulbs is very personal. For formal groupings, place together at a spacing of 1 to 3 times the diameter of the bulbs. For a more natural look, throw the bulbs in the air and plant them where the drop.

When to order?

Place your order of organic flower bulbs in time, while stock lasts! As soon as you receive your bulbs by parcel service it’s best to plant them right away. But if it takes a few days before you get to it, that’s no problem at all.


The varieties that naturalise easily are best left in the ground and let them work it out themselves. Best is to dead-head after flowering and leaving foliage wither naturally. They will reward you with renewed vigour next spring! A healthy soil promotes this, so make sure to add some organic manure or mulch.