Garden Tips & Tricks

Pots and baskets

Bulbs are great for planting in containers or smaller pots. Best is to choose varieties that are winterhardy. Read more..

The right conditions

Bulbs can grow in any type of soil, though it should always be well draining soil. It´s also essential to place some compost on the soil every year where the bulbs are planted to stimulate the life of the soil. Read more..

Planting bulbs

There are a number of different periods to plant bulbs and tubers. This is because there is no real exact date to plant them. Read more...

Bulbs after flowering

After the spring flowering bulbs have bloomed, the flowers make seed boxes, the plants get weak, and their leaves and start to droop. Read more..

Planting Dahlia

Dahlias flower prolifically late summer and autumn when many other annuals and perennials have finished blooming. Read more..


Once you have received the plants, it is best to plant them as soon as possible, preferably right away. Read more..

Create a fruit garden

Strolling through the garden and snacking on delicious berries, raspberries and strawberries along the way. Planting a fruit garden makes for a very tasty retreat. We are happy to explain where to start. Read more..

Planting instructions fruit shrubs

Goji Berry - First put the roots in a bucket of lukewarm water before planting into the ground. The goji berry grows well in any sandy soil that is well-permeable.  Read more..

Planting and cultivating garlic

Garlic can be planted in spring and autumn. For autumn planting, the best method is to plant the cloves in ridges to prevent them from getting too wet in winter. Read more..

Planting asparagus

If you sow the plants timeously (early March) in the greenhouse, you will have plant material in May of the same year that can be planted in a temporary waiting bed. Read more..