Eco growers

At natural bulbs we only work with a selected group of growers who embrace nature and work passionately to provide you with organic flower bulbs. We would like to introduce you to 3 of these wonderful people:

John and Johanna Huiberts

'It's time for change!!', we both decided, when soil samples of our farm confirmed our worst fears: our soil was completely exhausted, basically dead.

I decided to follow a master course on soil management and discovered the secret life of nature. From that day on it is my ambition to progressively reduce the application of fertilizer and chemical crop protection. I voluntarily let auditing firms do objective audits to benchmark against other farmers and they tell me I am in a class of my own.
Plowing of the soil is done via a non-turning plow so as to maintain the balance in top and bottom layers. And we have created our own compost out of i.e. wheat, rapeseed, oat and clover.  

''Today we harvest better, stronger and healthier bulbs for our clients and we've measured life back into our soils'' 

We are very proud of the steps that we're making for ourselves and our environment. And we experience greater satisfaction of our work!
With the first few acres of land we are now certified organic (NL-BIO-01). If it is up to us, we move on to 100% bio labelled product. For that we need customers like yourselves, so please help us make that move!  

Wilbrord Braakman

Raised between vegetables and flowers in West Friesland I followed the horticulture school and started as a vegetable grower. Over time I developed a passion for flower bulbs and eventually in the organic growth of them. Everyday I am even more convinced that a multitude of organic aids are at our disposal to grow the natural way.

It starts with a healthy soil, rich with micro organisms maintaining a strong defence against plagues.

Think of natural soil enhancers as compost tea. I am convinced that eventually global agriculture will be using what we are pioneering with today. 
And that would be the end of the world wide pollution and killing of our pollinators the bees. It will improve our health due to a sustainable food chain. Interestingly, the organic way actually delivers more powerful products and a farm can be managed in an economically sustainable way for the farmer as well.