About the owner - Robert Heemskerk

My great grandfather was a flower bulb grower, my grandfather and my father were flying Dutchmen. Pioneers, they went where no Dutchman had gone before and sold millions of flower bulbs annually. I was not only raised in this flower culture, but have made it my business for over 30 years. Exporting across continents, from flower bulbs to flowers and plants.

Recently I came to realize that - while people are increasingly making sustainable choices in their consumption – the production and sale of these lovely products of nature became more intensive and industrialized, with the aid of crop control systems, like pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and chemical plant food.

'As it turns out, insufficient access is being granted to the alternative: organic products for consumers who want to make a difference and buy by heart for their garden, balcony or patio.'

So I started a quest for organic growers passionate about their natural flower bulbs. Crocus, Tulips, Daffodils and all. After many visits and conversations I was deeply moved by the respectful way in which these selected growers treat our nature, us humans, our animals and environment. It is all starts with the guts to follow their mindset. Once more I realize that flower bulbs should not be manufactured, but instead grow on what nature has to offer them, which is quite a lot!

One of these growers, Wilbrord Braakman, had started a website on organic flower bulbs.

He retired recently and younger growers have taken over the planting material

These innovative growers are open to direct contact with consumers like yourselves but are tied to their fields 24/7. This is how it suddenly seemed natural that I would take over the e-commerce responsibility. Since the start of 2014 I am the proud owner of naturalbulbs.nl. Driven to create the first organic flower bulb web shop with a contemporary approach I started with a select group of eco growers and a limited range of Crocus, Tulips, Daffodils etc.

A place for those well thinking individuals amongst you who want to enjoy happiness in their garden while at the same time comforted by the knowledge they’ve made the right choice for the environment.

'I am proud of this attractive range of flower bulbs grown by passionate and professional growers who put their ears to the earth.'